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What types of design services can I find at Unicorn Factory?

From graphic design and branding to UX/UI and product design, our freelancers cover all aspects to bring your creative vision to life.

How do I choose the right designer for my project?

Review freelancer profiles, portfolios, and client testimonials on Unicorn Factory to find the designer who best matches your project requirements.

What is the typical rate for hiring a freelance designer in New Zealand?

Rates can vary based on the designer’s experience and the complexity of your project. Get personalized quotes from our designers to find options that fit your budget.

What kind of freelancers can I find on Unicorn Factory?

On Unicorn Factory, you can find freelancers in web design, graphic design, marketing, and writing. There are also experts in photography, video production, and social media management. So, if you need creative or digital services, you'll likely find a freelancer there who can help.

How does Unicorn Factory ensure the quality of freelancers in its network?

Every freelancer in our network undergoes a review process that evaluates their past work and experience. We accept only around 20% of the applications we receive, ensuring a high-quality pool of talent. Our network includes freelancers from junior to experienced levels, catering to a variety of project needs and budgets.

What is the typical timeframe for the hiring process?

The timeline varies depending on the project. Generally, we start assembling the shortlist for your job listings within 24 hours and then start making introductions the day after. We typically recommend scheduling 3-5 calls with different freelancers prior to choosing one. All up with estimate that the process takes about a week.

What is the pricing model for Unicorn Factory's services?

Listing a job on Unicorn Factory is free. You get started immediately without needing a credit card. We do have some paid upgrades available like being able to message freelancer in our network.

Do I pay Unicorn Factory for the work the freelancer does?

No. Contracts, terms, payments and deliverables are between you and the freelancer. That means no markups to you!