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How Unicorn Factory Works

There are four types of freelancers on Unicorn Factory. Each type is suitable for different types of projects.

Graduate Freelancers

Graduate freelancers have recently graduated from University and starting their freelance careers. These freelancers have slightly less experience but are usually also more affordable. With a solid plan they will work wonders for you.

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Side Gig Freelancers

Side Gig freelancers are usually just looking for smaller projects to work on whilst working a full time job or having another main project. These freelancers are perfect for writing blog posts or managing ad accounts.

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Pro Freelancers

Pro freelancers are full timers who will be able to take through from strategy to execution. Pros usually take on a few projects and charge significantly more.

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Consultants are like pro freelancers with the exception that they focus more on teaching rather than doing. Great consultants usually have a track record of doing and have decided that there time is better used teaching.

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Contact the freelancer directly by messaging them on their profile page

We encourage our community to get together in person. Building a business and hiring people for your business should be personal, which is why we recommend reaching out and then meeting in person or over a phone call.

Using the public job submission form if you don't know the right person is to get in touch with

If you are uncertain about how to reach out to or want to leave it up to our community to reach out to you then using the "Post a Job" page to make a public job submission.

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