Tatum Dunster is a freelance Brand & Marketing Specialist from Auckland

Hello! I'm Tatum Dunster, your go-to Brand Identity and Marketing Specialist. With a rich background spanning sales, account management, marketing, brand management, PR, event management, financials, and new product development, I bring a comprehensive approach to building brands that resonate and endure.

My passion lies in crafting customer-centric brands that connect deeply, fostering loyalty and trust. In today's crowded market, it's those human connections that make a brand stand out. Let me guide you in creating a brand story and DNA that truly reflects your vision, setting a solid foundation for consistent and compelling storytelling as your brand evolves.

Here's how we can collaborate to elevate your brand:

  • Brand Refresh: Update and differentiate your brand to stand out.
  • Visual Identity Development: In partnership with trusted designers, we'll craft a new visual look for your brand, product, or online presence.
  • Messaging Refinement: Sharpen your key messages to align with your target audience's values and desires, ensuring clear and compelling communication.
  • Marketing Strategy: Develop a strategy to increase awareness, customers, and sales, securing your brand's market position and guiding internal decisions.

My toolkit is extensive, covering everything from brand creation and launch to PR, events, and media buying. I thrive on content creation and PR strategies, especially for product launches, with expertise in both B2B and B2C strategies.

I'm particularly drawn to clients who see beyond the product, understanding that people buy into brands with compelling stories. My ideal clients are dreamers, big thinkers, and creative minds ready to transform their visions into reality. While I have a soft spot for the beauty and personal care industry, my experience spans real estate, music, manufacturing, and more, making me a versatile partner for your brand's journey.

Let's prepare your brand for a bright future together. Ready to start our branding adventure? Let’s chat!

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