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Unicorn Factory allows New Zealand businesses to post freelance projects for free, meaning you can directly apply for projects that suit you.

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Unicorn Factory freelancers are creatives and experts in the fields of design, marketing or software development that support each other through advice and networking opportunities.

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"Unicorn Factory was perfect for me to find copywriting work on the side of my full-time role in government. It has helped me build a portfolio that I hope will allow me transition into freelancing full-time!"

Marielle Hawkes, Part-time Copywriter from Wellington

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Who should sign up to Unicorn Factory?

Unicorn Factory is best suited for people who are serious about turning their craft into paid work. We are looking for people who are creative, but most importantly, people who are willing to invest in themselves and their freelance business.

🚀 Newbies

  • You are passionate about your craft and you see freelancing as an amazing opportunity to get paid to do what you love.
  • You haven't had your first paying client yet. Maybe you have been held by the fear of finding clients, failure or being judged.
  • You are willing to take freelancing seriously from day one, and want to invest time and money up-front to set yourself up for success.
  • Who hires Newbies on Unicorn Factory? Small local businesses, like yoga studios or cafes, often hire our Newbies because they are the most cost effective option, while still getting quality work.  
  • Newbies usually charge our an hourly rate between $35 - $45 per hour.

😎 Side Hustlers

  • You are currently in a full-time job but love the idea of using your skills and knowledge to help local businesses grow.
  • You might be working on your own startup and want to freelance on the side to keep cash coming in while you are building your business. (That's how I started)
  • You also love the idea of having one or two freelance clients to make a bit of extra money on the side.
  • Even though you freelance on the side, professionalism and delivering value is important to you.
  • Who hires Side Hustlers on Unicorn Factory? Early-stage startups and small local businesses are the most common clients for our side hustlers. These are often one-off projects with a fixed project rate.
  • Our most popular services for Side Hustlers are copywriting, branding and strategy.

💵 Pros

  • You have a well established freelancing business and have been self-employed for a while now.
  • You consider yourself a full-time freelancer, consultant or coach.
  • You specialise in a specific area of design, development or marketing. You may work with a specific niche, but are open to working with businesses who are looking for your expertise.
  • You currently have no employees or business partners, but you sometimes hire subcontractors to help with bigger projects.
  • Who hires Pro Freelancers on Unicorn Factory? Pros are our most hired group of freelancers. They work with all types of businesses from small local businesses to government agencies and large corporations.


  • You run your own agency or studio, and have between 1 - 5 FTEs. You also frequently hire freelancer for their specialised skills to help out on projects.
  • You see Unicorn Factory as a way to connect to more local businesses who may need your services.
  • Who hires Studios on Unicorn Factory? Often larger Kiwi businesses, government agencies or funded startups hire studios because they can take on larger projects and deliver a wider range of services.

“I couldn’t recommend Unicorn Factory enough! Any freelancers out there need to seriously consider joining the fam. Network with an online community and have more work coming in, it’s a no-brainer.”

Alex Siale, Facebook & Conversion Expert from Wellington

Getting Started on Unicorn Factory

1. Apply to join

Start by creating an account, filling out the application form and adding two case studies to your profile.

2. Review & Approval

We will review your application and once approved notify with you with the next steps via email.

3. Join Unicorn Factory

If we are a good fit for each other, you will be invited to join Unicorn Factory quartlery or annual membership.

“When I first arrived to New Zealand I struggled to find my place as a freelancer, but when I found out about Unicorn Factory it opened the door into the freelance community and has given me a platform to network, showcase my work, and land some amazing local clients.”

Brandon Miller, Web Designer & Webflow Expert from Wellington

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