Billy Waller is a freelance Graphic & Web Designer from Queenstown / Wanaka

Hello! I'm Billy Waller, your go-to expert for breathing life into brands and steering businesses towards remarkable growth. With a decade of experience spanning agency work, in-house roles, and freelance projects, I've honed my skills in transforming challenges into victories through strategic brand and consumer psychology insights.

Here's what I stand for:

  • Growing Small Business: I'm all about nurturing businesses to thrive within their communities.
  • Conscious Capitalism: Elevating the standards of ethical business practices.
  • Lead, Don't Manage: I inspire action rather than dictate it, fostering a collaborative environment.
  • Community Catalyst: Making a positive impact on local communities is at the heart of what I do.
  • Selective Marketing: I believe in meaningful engagement, not spamming.
  • Lateral Thinking: Openness to unconventional solutions drives innovation.

Currently, I'm leveraging my extensive experience in design & development, business strategy, SOPs, and the exciting potential of AI to enhance small business operations. I'm also deeply involved in crafting web solutions using WordPress and Webflow, backed by my proficiency in the Adobe Suite and Figma.

My Skills Include:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Consumer Psychology
  • Web Design & Development (WordPress, Webflow)
  • Adobe Suite & Figma Expertise
  • Business Strategy & SOP Development

In my free time, I'm usually found in the mountains, or with my nose in a book, learning more about consumer decision-making, leadership, and ethical marketing. This continuous learning fuels my holistic approach to strategy, ensuring I deliver everything necessary for my clients to achieve their goals.

I Specialize In:

  • Crafting holistic strategies for brand and business growth.
  • Delivering top-notch branding, web design, and build services.

Ideal Client: I'm on the lookout for small business or startup owners who value expertise, avoid micromanagement, and trust in the professional advice and skills of the experts they hire.

If you're ready to see your brand soar and believe in the power of strategic, ethical, and impactful business practices, I'm your guy. Let's create something amazing together!

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