School of Lifts - Bringing movement to people during lockdowns

Explore how School of Lifts transitioned from personal sessions to a robust online fitness platform, empowering individuals through the Spartan Programme.

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Brennen White is exactly what you want when it comes to needing inspiration to stay healthy in adverse situations. After an injury leading to CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome), Brennen was in a wheelchair for over 3 years and became extremely overweight, depressed, reliant on a myriad of pharmaceuticals, and in a bad place. After 7 years, he started turning his life around and transformed himself from overweight and depressed to mentally healthy and absolutely ripped. He documented the process the whole way and turned it into a training program.

School of Lifts was born, along with the Spartan Programme.

In 2019 the project started with personal training sessions, but due to demand and lack of Brennen's personal availability, it became apparent he needed a platform to help more people. We built the Spartan Programme out into an online learning experience with weekly coaching calls and accountability groups.

The School of Lifts Brand was meant to show grit, and perseverance, which were fundamental to Brennen's recovery.

Post covid, Brennen has moved on to other ventures and has shut down the online platform but is still coaching determined students on the side.
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Published on
June 13, 2024