Matt Terry is a freelance Senior Web Designer/Developer from Nelson

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What drives me is solving problems. The design process. Solving ideas in elegant ways.

After getting my Industrial Design BSc(Hons) in 2001 I've worked as a Graphic Designer, Web Designer and Web Developer ever since. I've worked on some big projects for companies like Cartoon Network (Turner Broadcasting), Index Ventures, Psychologies Magazine, Toshiba UK and The Wildcat Collection.

I consider myself a hybrid designer developer. Over the years I've designed and developed sites from the initial pencil sketches, to designing the full theme and UI, building the html/css/javascript, building the backend in php/python, designing efficient database models, creating REST Api's, building custom caching systems in Redis, I also built an open source SCSS framework.

I've integrated code with 3rd party systems, pulling and pushing data around.

I've used Drupal CMS for years but tend to only use it on very big projects these days. I've also worked with Django, Wagtail and Grav, plus a little Shopify, Laravel and Rails.

Vue is my frontend JS framework of choice. I've built some really fast search experiences with Vue and Elasticsearch and other little web apps, often making sections of existing Drupal sites headless to improve UX and performance.

More recently I've been building web apps for Samsung watches in Tizen OS.

I also have a fairly solid background in 3d modelling in Blender, design for 3d print, and some experience in Unity.

I work mainly for clients in the UK from my home office near Nelson. I'm good at working remotely. I do everything through GIT, with comprehensive git commits, peer reviewed pull requests and scrum meetings.

Let's work on some fun projects together.


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