Fay Ren is a Digital Marketing & Ecommerce Guru from Hamilton

🙌 Making the World a Better Place, One Day at a Time. 

✔️NZ Business Bachelor's Degree in Marketing | Experienced in Effective Digital Marketing Strategy, Market Research, Consumer Behaviour Analysis, Paid Ads, Email Direct Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Facebook Marketing, SEO / SEM, Google Analytics & Conversion Rate Optimisation. 

✔️Certificate in IT Web Development | Experienced in Adobe Dreamweaver & XD, HTML,HTML5,CSS | Web Design, A/B Testing, UX Design, Wordpress Development & Web Development  

✔️Certificate in Graphic Design | Experienced in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator & Photoshop | Manipulating photos & graphics, design business documents & create online advertisements

✔️Confident drone pilot, experienced in content marketing, video creation & Adobe Premiere Pro 

✔️Frequently dealing with overseas manufacturers, a good understanding of importing & logistics 

✔️Bilingual, capable of speaking Mandarin and English to a high standard 

✔️Lean thinker, obsessed with eliminating waste and continuous improvement 😊


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