After a baptism of fire as a freelance copywriter in the early 2000’s, I hit the eCommerce ground running. with zero experience or any proper understanding of the industry.

I had left behind 20 years of hairdressing, packed up 2 salons and waved goodbye to my squad of amazing clients.

Today I freelance in Creative Communications, specializing in copywriting and content creation in a huge range of genres.

As well as :
- UX, CX & eCommerce Audits
- CX [Customer Experience] Design
- SEO optimisation

So if your website has lost its Mojo and carts are being abandoned left right and centre, if customer complaints outweigh orders and morale is at an all-time low, that is where I come in.
I comb through your customer journey, sales funnels, user experience, analytics, SEO, content and all kinds of weird and wonderful details that make up your client-facing experience. I emerge with a report and an actionable plan packed with quick wins that will rekindle your love for your website and your business.
Although writing is my first love, analytics and user experience has become a passion. So with the combined knowledge and expertise of web design, eCommerce and copywriting, I have the tools to cohesively streamline your brand story and customer journey into an experience that converts.

I am a highly motivated, enthusiastic, curious and entirely unconventional Communications professional. A results-driven analytics junkie with a huge passion for people and their idiosyncrasies and a vocational love for storytelling. 

Agencies, small businesses and individuals who are invested in the greater good.


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