Tracy Kruger is a freelance Copywriter from Napier

After a baptism of fire as a freelance copywriter in the early 2000s, I hit the eCommerce ground running, emerging with a dual niche of copywriting and an infatuation for analytics.
‍The Quick Intro
I am a copywriter with a few streams of services including SEO optimisation, eCommerce and automation strategy. My jam is creating engaging content and copywriting for web, EDM, editorials, eCommerce and more for all kinds of government, corporate, entrepreneurial, weird, wonderful, wacky businesses living their best lives. With the ability to traverse subjects, formats, style and voice with ease.
Who Am I?
As a person, I am highly motivated, enthusiastic, resourceful and results-driven with a huge passion for people and their idiosyncrasies. A self-confessed analytics junkie and a detailed orientated researcher with strong writing skills, who has an embarrassing weakness for dogs.
Working With Me
I am an efficient planner with strong project management skills and work just as well in teams as I do individually. I am flexible and easy to work with - what you see is what you get, but I do prefer to run a tight ship rather than attempt to manage a shipwreck.
Who I Work With
I like to work with individuals and organisations that are invested in the greater good. I like to build long-term relationships with clients and work cohesively with delightfully awesome people on a regular basis.
The Last Sip
I have survived bringing up teenagers and managed to run a business in Africa for 20 years, _also known as wine and crying. _It was like the Hunger Games, but not as much fun.

All the birds in my garden have names and if you stand still long enough, I can tell you their stories. 

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