Ryan Parkes is a freelance PPC Expert from Auckland

I'm a digital marketing strategist with over 6 years experience.

I've worked at various agencies, cutting my teeth on campaigns for local service businesses with small budgets, to working with national franchised clients and international businesses with million dollar budgets.

I mainly specialise in Pay-Per-Click advertising, and have experience across channels, including:

  • Google Ads (Search, Display, Shopping, Youtube)
  • Meta (FB & IG)
  • Linkedin
  • Tik Tok
  • Snap, Pinterest, Twitter, Spotify, Reddit

📈 I have advanced Analytics knowledge, and have experience setting up new GA4 accounts and dashboards.
I go beyond surface-level Lead data, and work with businesses attributing a true ROAS, by implementing Enhanced Conversion Tracking and Offline Conversions.

I get huge job satisfaction out of partnering with aspirational kiwi businesses and helping them grow.

I want to work with you if:
✅ You're an early stage businesses or entrepreneur
✅ You have a strong growth mindset
✅ You have a decent grasp of how marketing works
✅ You're looking for someone to work with as an extension of your business

Too often I've audited poor account setups due to conversion tracking, settings, & campaign structure.
Oftentimes best practices become murky, with each advertising platform pushing their own agenda, with the end goal to have you spend more & give them more control. 🤖💰
A lot of accounts jump the gun on this one without the proper structure set up, or spend & conversion volume to allow the algorithms to learn, resulting in poor performance & wasted spend! 😱

If you'd like to reach out and get started with growing your business, flick me a quick message and let's tee up a time for a chat.

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