Jonathan King-Stubbs is a freelance Marketing Consultant from Nelson

Jonathan Stubbs, popularly known as Jono, has recently shifted his professional trajectory. After selling his successful agency, Ambitious, Jono is now passionately channeling his efforts into Hope Is My Homeboy, an international non-profit venture focused on suicide prevention. This move highlights his commitment to using his extensive marketing expertise for a greater cause.

With over a decade of experience in the industry, Jono is a maestro in Marketing Strategy, Business Consulting, Brand Positioning, and Marketing/Business Analysis. These skills form the cornerstone of his approach to helping businesses navigate the complexities of today's market. Jono excels in developing comprehensive marketing strategies and business analyses that not only identify growth opportunities but also ensure sustainable success.

Jono’s understanding of the nuances in brand positioning sets him apart. He has a unique ability to analyse a business’s current standing and chart a course towards a more impactful and resonant market presence. His consulting services are not just about growth; they are about building a resilient and adaptable business foundation in a content-heavy digital age.

His journey from an agency owner to a consultant and non-profit leader is a testament to his desire to blend professional excellence with societal impact. Jono is dedicated to empowering businesses with the tools and insights they need to thrive, while contributing to meaningful change through his non-profit work.

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