Julian Farquhar is a freelance Consulting Creative Director from Wellington

A Creative Director and Communications Consultant with a rich experience of strategic campaign writing, and conducting end to process on communication and creative campaigns.

Learned the ropes of Advertising through Saatchi and Saatchi and Ogilvy and Mather, a discipline that served me well growing up through copywriting, art direction and culminating as a Creative Director.

Give me an idea, a service, a product or a theme and I will tell the story to entertain and build a bridge to people.

I have worked with designers, producers, photographers, and directors in the full spectrum of creative production, building brands and their services.

Wrote the campaign that promoted Pepsi to utterly eclipse Coca Colas sales by producing concepts and selling through those unique brand benefits. We raised market share by 24% in 3 months.

Helped managed the building of two agency creative departments from scratch, Lowe GGK and Hammer Advertising and settled them into fully productive units by matching the right people to the right jobs.

I've helped clients break their sales records and still am.

Wrote the advertising and strategy for TESCO, Shell, Pepsi, Zanussi. They loved it. They still do.

I love communicating, and bridging the gap with people, to tell the stories that bring business to life.

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