Barnaby Ward is a freelance Industrial Designer - 3D/Product Visualisation Expert from Auckland

Hello! I'm Barnaby Ward, your go-to Industrial Designer based in Auckland, New Zealand. With a robust experience of over 9 years, I've mastered the art of blending functionality with aesthetics to enhance how you interact with products.

My journey has taken me from the design-centric cities of London and Sydney to the innovative hubs of China, where I've collaborated with leading brands and navigated the complexities of manufacturing. This global exposure has sharpened my skills, allowing me to offer you a unique blend of creativity and practical insight.

My services cover the entire design process from research, conceptualisation, engineering, and marketing, to product launch. Over the years, I've contributed to a variety of projects, from high-tech audio to home coffee machines to marine electronics, partnering with both small teams and large corporations.

What I bring to your project:
  • Industrial Design Consultation: Expert advice to kickstart your project.
  • Product Development & Engineering: Transforming ideas into tangible products.
  • Sustainable Design Solutions: Crafting with conscience and care for our planet.
  • Exhibition & Experience Design: Creating immersive spaces that tell your story.
  • Artistic Collaborations & Sculptural Realization: Merging art with design for standout pieces.
  • 3D Modeling & CAD Services: Building the blueprint for your vision.
  • Digital Visualization & Animation: Bringing your concepts to life with stunning visuals.
  • Product Visualization for E-commerce: Enhancing your online presence with eye-catching imagery.
  • Prototyping & Manufacturing Liaison: Ensuring a smooth transition from design to production.
  • Design Strategy & Brand Development: Shaping the identity of your product.
  • Market Research & Consumer Insights: Understanding your audience for better design outcomes.
  • Technical Specification & Documentation: Detailing every aspect for flawless execution.
My ideal client? You're someone who values quality and understands the importance of creative freedom in design. Whether you're a startup eager to launch your first product or a seasoned company looking to innovate, I'm here to make your vision a reality with a seamless and cost-effective design service.

With a Kiwi knack for solving complex mechanical problems and a passion for digital visualization, I'm ready to take your product from concept to consumer with confidence and expertise.

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