Sheba Basika is a freelance Graphic Designer from Wellington

I am intentional about developing and elevating the online presence and growth of businesses through meaningful design and purposeful brand outcomes and experiences.

As a creative professional, I have accumulated over six years of experience in the industry, working in various capacities such as in-house, agency, and freelance, where I have had the privilege to work on numerous remarkable projects and campaigns. Over the years, I have developed a wealth of experience and expertise in creating and managing successful branding projects from start to completion. I understand the importance of developing a strong brand identity that resonates with the target audience and represents the values of the company. I am extremely passionate about print and digital design, and I take great pride in approaching every project with a unique and meticulous perspective.

When I’m not designing — you'll find me curating my space, exploring cafes, making groovy playlists.

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