Lamington is a project by IsabellaWoods

Lamington are a rapidly growing NZ brand who sell Merino socks and tights from infant sizes to adults. I was hired to come in and consult, plan, implement and manage their Facebook ads. I carried out markets research on the brand and created a new marketing funnel that better suited their target audience and made sure we were capturing all potential leads. I then implemented and managed their entire Facebook ads setup and made sure it was running to its full potential, I used A&B testing, trials and comparison to make sure we were using copy and imagery that gained the most engagement. I then implemented a Facebook Pixel to track purchase conversions so we could track where and when people were purchasing.

Each month I produced a lengthy report that detailed Facebook comparative results along with Google Analytics results that showed what was working and what could be improved on. My focus is complete transparency, making sure they are happy, know whats going on and stay involved in growing their business. I have almost tripled their business growth and their Facebook Ads are working like never before but most importantly they are excited about the results and what ads manager can do.

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Published on
May 25, 2023