Isabella Woods is a freelance Facebook Ads and Digital Marketing Expert from Auckland

I am a Meta (Facebook) Ads Specialist and Digital Account Manager who is passionate about planning, building and implementing campaign strategies that drive engagement, leads and/or sales, helping businesses to smash their marketing goals. I have over 6 years experience working with major clients across service, ecommerce, B2C and B2B industries. I have worked for major advertising agencies such as FCB and have worked in major publishing agencies such as NZME. An ads specialist and digital account manager's role is to help you and your business make money from social media platforms such as Facebook by increasing brand awareness, tracking quantifiable conversions and cementing your spot in the highly competitive marketing sphere.

As your Ads Manager I will carry out the following:

  • Carry out market research in order to define your audience.
  • Create a digital marketing strategy based on defined marketing goals across multiple social platforms.
  • Implement and manage the day to day running of ads management campaigns, troubleshooting and solving potential issues and set up all campaigns.
  • Provide in-depth monthly reporting, with quantifiable and easy to understand results that show you where your money is being spent and your return on investment.
  • Meet with you to provide marketing or technical advice and to collaborate (or not) on strategies to improve the advertising performance

With experience in high pressure environments working with huge clients on complicated campaigns, I am equipped to provide a service that will ensure your ads management and therefore your business is in good hands. I will be there for the entire process and happy and eager to help at any point with anything that you need.

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