Wellington Fireplace

Wellington Fireplace is a project by AlexandraHutchings

Wellington Fireplace Studio is a design-led heating and entertaining design expert with a unique range of products and full servicing available to individualise your home. They cover all aspects of the installation process, from design to completion.

Wellington Fireplace approached me to revolutionise its identity update and align with its beautiful products and designs.

Fire is the hero of the idea, evoking a clean and minimal approach to target a varied audience. I designed a clean and minimal logomark incorporating the FS with the S hinting toward a flame, accompanied by a clean, elegant and minimal typeface.

Their most successful marketing was through their vehicle signage. This needed to stand out and capture people's attention. Instead of using imagery, I turned the logomark into a fire through illustration. Flames crawl up and wrap around the logo mark, with sparks shooting from the top to encapsulate the feeling of sitting next to a roaring fire.

The branding approach emphasises strong, confident qualities and combines details to promote Wellington Fireplace Studio effectively.

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Published on
May 25, 2023