Sadara Resort

Sadara Resort is a project by AlexandraHutchings

Sadara is a luxury resort based in Nusa dua, Bali, Indonesia. Their brand was starting to age and not aligning with their values. I worked closely with the team, spending time at the resort and getting to know, understand, and learn every aspect of their business.

I was the lead designer and started with a brand strategy, analysing and identifying their audience, brand persona, mission, values and brand voice before embarking on the conceptual designs. I worked alongside to help with print management, sign designs, and all touch points that would be seen around the resort.

The Sadara brand identity was revolutionised to align with the heralded direction and overhaul of the resort’s full aesthetic. Still embodying the heritage of the building and the Balinese culture, the new identity used moody charcoal blue tones paired with a light and dreamy silvery grey. The typeface allows delicacy with the deeper tones and adds a touch of femininity, a welcoming feeling, with the impression of entering Sadara and being swept away. Swept away in the beauty of what the brand defines, its culture and heritage and its experience.

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Published on
May 25, 2023