Using my marketing qualification, more than 7 years of experience in marketing roles, first-hand experience with creating and running small businesses online as well as passion (and talent!) for digital and content marketing, I love supporting New Zealand businesses in growing their brand online. 

When you hire me, you get:

✔️One-Stop-Shop for Anything Marketing-Related - No need to hire several specialists, just work with one.

✔️Personal Approach - Deal with a person who cares about your brand and gets to know it well.

✔️Work delivered by ME - a marketing specialist with creative thinking (full of outside-the-box ideas). 

Hire me if you'd like professional help with:

⭐️ Website development (Squarespace or Shopify)

⭐️ Content creation/update or landing page set up for your current website

⭐️ Social media content and management (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn)

⭐️ Marketing Communications (newsletters)

⭐️ Social media campaign creation and management (Facebook/Instagram)

⭐️Copy-writing (SEO blogs, any articles)

⭐️Graphic design (flyers, online ad banners, brand guidelines, magazine ad files)

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