Mothers Helpers: Google Ads campaigns

Mothers Helpers: Google Ads campaigns is a project by SvatavaCoupkova

Published on
September 27, 2023

A charitable trust supporting mothers dealing with perinatal depression headquartered in Auckland, operating across New Zealand.

Enhance existing campaigns, increase traffic from specific regions, and generate leads.

This involves managing a Google Ads grant account with its unique constraints. Only Search campaigns with a restricted maximum cost per click can be utilized in this type of account, making it paramount to conduct comprehensive research and set up the account meticulously to achieve the highest possible score in order to be able to compete online. Following a thorough keyword research and initial copywriting effort, the Google Ads campaigns consistently deliver a substantial increase in highly relevant traffic and leads on a weekly basis, complementing client’s other traffic sources effectively.

Achieved thanks to:
• Extensive keyword analysis
• Thoughtfully crafted copy
• Enhanced targeting (including geographical locations)
• A/B testing

Client testimonial:
Thank you for your fantastic reporting.
(Kristina Grace, Mothers Helpers)

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