Denym Bird is a freelance Digital Marketing + Google Ads Expert from Auckland

Digital marketing can be a bit of a minefield at times. Not only is it constantly evolving, but it’s also full of lots of conflicting information and it can be tough to understand where’s the best place to start. I can help with that.

I’ve got over 8 years of experience in designing, building and optimising digital marketing campaigns for huge businesses (Xero) and dozens of small ones too, including starting and running all the marketing on my own at Paintvine, and Latechaser. 

I’m an award-winning marketer and entrepreneur who absolutely loves starting new projects, and testing out new tactics to see what works and what doesn’t - as after all that’s the only way we can grow. 

What I can help you with: 
✅ Strategise, build and execute on a digital marketing strategy that will fire on all cylinders to drive growth over the short, medium and long term for your business.
✅ Help you identify the lowest hanging fruit that will yield you the best bang for your marketing investment.
✅ Build and execute on a content marketing strategy, with an SEO first approach. So that you are ranking #1 where it counts, and turning those clicks into real leads for your business.
✅ To build and run high converting Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads campaigns, including remarketing funnels.
✅ Help you build an effective evangelism strategy, that captures you more 5 star reviews and builds you an endless amount of case studies on autopilot each and every month.
✅ Optimise your email marketing automation through leveraging tools like Zapier, Airtable, Mailchimp and more.

My ideal client is: 
🚀 An entrepreneur/business who already has a good grip on what marketing levers are working and want to amplify your current efforts beyond your current capabilities or expertise, and perhaps find a few more.

🏗 You are an early stage startup but you don't have a marketing background or experience running or building a digital marketing machine. You are ready to learn the tools yourself, but you need a roadmap and support that you can execute on.

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