Michelle Sullivan is a freelance WordPress Expert from Christchurch

Are you looking for an experienced and friendly web designer with expert-level WordPress proficiency? Look no further! I’ve been developing and supporting WordPress websites since 2007. In that time, I’ve worked with various businesses and industries, from romance writers to marriage celebrants, engineering firms, IT companies and much more.

I create visually stunning and highly functional WordPress websites from scratch, ensuring they perfectly align with your vision and goals. Moreover, I offer comprehensive care plans tailored to the websites I create or take over.

I can also rescue struggling WordPress sites, whether they suffer from functionality issues, incomplete implementation, broken elements, or lack of professional support from your previous web person.

Before taking over the care of a website I’ve not built, I will conduct a thorough WordPress checkup to evaluate the existing setup and identify any potential pitfalls that may arise during regular maintenance and updates. By taking a proactive approach, we stop common WordPress problems.

Choose me as your trusted WordPress partner, and together we will create, optimise, and maintain a remarkable online presence that exceeds your expectations.

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