Google Ads 25x R.O.I (E-commerce)

Google Ads 25x R.O.I (E-commerce) is a project by NeelPabari


M.P is an e-commerce online and offline store that has long suffered from a negative R.O.A.S over the past 7 years. It came to our attention as we onboarded them for SEO. They were skeptical of making any changes given that their business was doing OK.

Over $250K spent | Generated negative ROI of 0.20 | Unaware of the potential of Google Ads | Outdated Google Ads techniques | Competitors had dominated the market


Seeing the positive results we achieved for them on SEO, Music Planet decided to get a fresh perspective and trial us.
We began with a clean slate, studied each campaign performance over the past 7 years, and hand-picked the ones with the highest potential. Actions taken:

Full revamp of campaign structure including ad groups, keywords, writing over 170 ads | Introducing Shopping Ads | Performance Max campaigns & dynamic campaigns


5X Traffic multiplied, for the same Ad spend!
50K+ NZD in Conversion Value
Most cashflow positive in 7 years.

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Published on
August 25, 2023