Neel Pabari is a freelance Google Ads (PPC) Consultant from Auckland

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Experienced Google Ads Specialist | Helping Kiwi businesses thrive

🎓 Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Marketing, I've honed my skills in the art of crafting compelling Google Ads campaigns. I'm a certified Google Ads specialist, leading a boutique digital marketing agency that's redefining excellence.

🔍 Unlike conventional agencies, we're a league of specialists. My curated team & I boast a minimum of 7+ years' expertise – far beyond the 1+ year norm. Having steered campaigns for a diverse array of local and global brands in New Zealand and Australia, I bring forth an extensive portfolio to attest to my prowess.

💼 I merge technical finesse with solid business acumen. When you collaborate with me, you're not only partnering with a specialist but also gaining a seasoned strategist who understands your business goals.

🌐 Navigating across industries, I've encountered myriad challenges and triumphs. The chances are high that I've encountered your industry or even your competitors – making my expertise a potent asset for your growth.

💡 My driving force? Rectifying the all-too-common mishandling of campaigns. A strong foundation is paramount, and for far too long I've observed campaigns underperforming to their full potential due to a lack of attention 7 care. I meticulously stay abreast of Google's AI and algorithmic updates
& leverage cutting-edge techniques like performance max campaigns, consistently surpassing industry benchmarks.

📊 Google ads specialist requires in-depth knowledge and passion in data analysis, a history of Google algorithms and changes made along the way, up-to-date knowledge and as much experience as possible to ensure you're not doing what the rest of the market is, it's important to understand what algorithms tend to favour.

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