Pam Cheney is a freelance Graphic Designer from Auckland

Hi there, I'm Pam Cheney, your go-to expert in Graphic Design with over a decade of experience. My mission? To help you create a memorable brand and an impactful online presence. Here's what I bring to the table:

- **10+ Years of Graphic Design Experience**: I've honed my skills over the years to offer you top-notch design solutions.
- **Creativity Meets Professionalism**: I blend innovative design with a professional approach to bring your vision to life.
- **Expertise in Branding and Websites**: From developing a unique brand identity to creating a compelling website, I've got you covered.
- **Responsive and Dependable**: Expect quick replies and reliable service every step of the way.

**Why Work with Me?**

I'm passionate about working with change-makers and individuals dedicated to making a positive impact. If you're enthusiastic about your company and eager to connect more deeply with your audience, I'm here to guide you. Together, we'll explore strategies and design elements that truly resonate.

**My Journey**

After graduating from Dawson College's 3-year graphic design program in Montréal in 2013, I've been privileged to collaborate with amazing teams and designers. Running my own business for the last three years has allowed me the freedom to select projects that inspire me and manage my schedule flexibly.

**What I Specialize In:**

- **Branding**: Let's build a brand universe that speaks to your ideal customer. I'll help you stand out with a distinctive logo, brand colors, fonts, and more.
- **Websites**: Your website is a powerful tool for storytelling and engagement. I'll ensure it's not only informative but also connects with your audience effectively.

**Who I Serve**:

I'm here to create stunning designs that leave a lasting impact. If you're a change-maker or someone committed to making a difference, environmentally or socially, I'd love to collaborate with you.

Ready to elevate your brand and website? Let's connect and start this exciting journey together. Visit my website at to learn more.

Looking forward to creating something amazing with you,

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