All-Out Education Branding & Website

A brand created to illustrate a journey, a path. Approachable and fun look for their website and social media.

All-Out Education is a program designed to assist students primarily from Asia in applying to universities in Canada and the US. Their mission goes beyond just the application process.

The program strives to help students discover their true passions in life and develop the necessary skills and strengths to pursue them. Throughout their high school journey, students are provided with guidance to identify their interests and strengths, as well as receive advice on the most effective pathways to achieve their goals.

Their logo represents the different paths that students may embark on. These lines also serve as a visual element, symbolizing a journey when placed over images.

The website features a user-friendly interface that provides detailed information about the All-Out Education program, including the services they offer and resources for college application preparation. It also includes a blog section where they regularly share insightful articles and tips related to education, career exploration, and personal development.

Through their website and social media presence, we aim to create a sense of trust and credibility among parents and students who are considering All-Out Education as their partner in the journey towards higher education. All-Out Education is not just about gaining admission to a prestigious university; it's about discovering oneself, embracing personal growth, and building a strong foundation for a fulfilling life beyond academia.

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Published on
May 8, 2024