Oliver Le Lievre is a freelance No-Code Consultant from Auckland

Hi there, I'm Oliver Le Lievre, but you can call me Oli. I'm a seasoned software engineer and no-code consultant with a knack for turning ideas into digital realities. My expertise lies in web development and automation, and I'm proficient in using tools like Airtable, Make, and Softr. But don't worry if you're not familiar with these platforms - I've got a broad knowledge base that extends to many others.

When it comes to technical projects, I'm well-versed in React, Node, Express, SQL, and TypeScript. I use these tools to create robust and scalable solutions that can help streamline your operations. Whether you're looking to develop internal tools, craft portals, create CRM systems, manage inventory tracking, or build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), I'm your guy. Together, we can optimise your digital landscape and bring your ideas to life.

Here's a quick look at my toolkit:

  • Web Development: React, Node, Express
  • Database Management: SQL
  • Programming: TypeScript
  • No-Code Platforms: Airtable, Make, Softr

My background as a product owner for an event management start-up has given me a unique perspective on digital solutions. I've honed my skills in stakeholder engagement and growth marketing strategies, and my academic background in human behaviour and product design only enhances my proficiency. I've even conducted master's research on the effective application of no/low-code technology for prototyping, with a focus on discovering product-market fit.

I specialise in guiding clients through the transformative journey of product ideation and validation. I'm adept at translating conceptual ideas into tangible prototypes that serve as a foundation for innovation.

My ideal client? Someone with a vision and passion for their project, even if they don't have a technical background. I thrive on assisting individuals and businesses in turning their ideas into tangible solutions. Whether you're looking to create a minimum viable product (MVP) for market validation, develop an internal tool to streamline business operations, or implement automation, I'm here to help. Let's bring your concepts to life.

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