Hello there 👋

My name is Connor, I am freelance digital marketing specialist and product developer from Wellington, New Zealand. I help local businesses, startups and social enterprises be successful online.

If you are looking ways to build an awesome digital strategy but are a bit lost, get in touch with me and let me help you get started.

I run a strategy session prior to any engagement to show you what opportunities there are in your space, what your competitors are doing and heaps more.

Other things you should know:

My speciality and weapons of choice are...

✅ Facebook Media Buying or Paid Facebook Advertising

✅ Webflow Website Design and Automation

✅ No Code Automation tools like Zapier or Memberstack.

Some of the client work I am most proud of:

👉 Lead Generation for BizDojo

👉 Ecommerce Sales for Cardrona (in collaboration with Datastory)

👉 Lead Generation for Storypark (in collaboration with Datastory)

👉 Ecommerce Sales for Second Unit (in collaboration with Datastory)

👉 Ecommerce Sales for NZ Festival (in collaboration with Datastory)

👉 Lead Generation for Hatch

👉 Lead Generation for Keepsite

Besides working on clients project, I also work on my own projects:

🦄 Unicorn Factory

🎁 We Love Local (cofounded with Marielle Hawkes)

🏡 My Housesit (cofounded with Ryan McMillan)

Last Updated
April 3, 2020
Published On
January 29, 2018

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