Connor Finlayson is a freelance No-Code Consultant from Wellington

Hi there! I'm Connor Finlayson, your dedicated no-code developer, here to transform your startup idea into a thriving reality. If you're a startup or a non-technical founder aiming to launch your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) without the headache of coding, you've found your partner.

What I Do: I specialize in crafting MVPs using an impressive array of no-code tools. My mission is to not only build your platform but also to equip you with the knowledge to manage and grow it independently. This means you can push your project forward without constant technical help or seeking extra funding.

My Tools Include:

  • Webflow: For stunning, responsive websites.
  • Airtable: To organize and manage your data with ease.
  • For automating workflows, saving you precious time.
  • Glide Apps: For creating engaging mobile apps.
  • JavaScript: When your project needs that special, custom touch.

Beyond Building: I'm passionate about sharing knowledge. With over 13,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel, I teach effective use of no-code tools. This not only hones my skills but also keeps me updated with the latest in no-code development.

My Experience: I've successfully completed projects in various sectors, including marketplaces, directory businesses, and membership sites.

Who I Serve: I'm here for startups and non-technical founders ready to bring their MVP to market. Whether you're testing a business idea or looking to scale, I'm committed to making your journey smooth and fruitful.

Let's Collaborate: Ready to turn your vision into a functional, market-ready product without the complexities of coding? Let's join forces. Together, we'll bring your idea to life, ensuring you're equipped to grow and evolve your project after our work is done.

Excited to start? Reach out, and let's make your dream a success story.

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