Brett Ransley is a freelance Senior Full-stack Developer & CMS Expert (Joomla & WordPress) from Taupo

# About Brett & Revibe

Hi there! I'm Brett Ransley, the driving force behind Revibe Digital, a small digital agency based in New Zealand. With over a decade of experience I specialise mainly in Joomla, WordPress, and custom development, API integrations, ongoing support and development for businesses of all sizes across New Zealand & Australia.

I've been working in top tier digital agencies for over 12 years, and since then, I've had the opportunity to work on a wide array of projects, from small business websites to intricate e-commerce platforms. This vast experience has equipped me with the skills and knowledge to tackle any digital challenge head-on.

Running Revibe Digital has been an enriching journey, allowing me to collaborate with clients and other agencies, building strong, trust-based relationships. Whether it's a custom Joomla extension, a WordPress theme, or a completely bespoke solution, I'm committed to delivering nothing but the best.

## My Ideal Client

My ideal clients are businesses of various sizes and sectors, from small to large. This includes **tradespeople**, **real estate** **agents**, **cafes**, and **restaurants**—essentially, any business looking to establish or enhance their online presence. If you're using platforms like **WordPress, Joomla, Drupal**, or even simpler solutions like **Wix, Squarespace, or Shopify**, you fit right into the spectrum of clients I aim to serve. 

The core of what I'm looking for in an ideal client is a business eager for a supportive partnership with a developer. A partnership where **I can provide consistent maintenance, support, and updates**, ensuring your website evolves alongside your business. My goal is to work with clients who value a reliable and straightforward digital growth journey, regardless of their technical background. 

We also work with agencies across New Zealand and Australia to help with **WhiteHat or B2B services** within their business, so if you're an agency who needs some projects looked after we are the right developer for you.

## Expectation & Specialty

I specialize in providing comprehensive digital solutions, with a strong focus on **custom development** using open-source Content Management Systems (CMS) such as **WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal**. This expertise allows me to cater to a wide range of business needs, from **small startups to large enterprises**.

Clients often seek my services for **ongoing support, maintenance, and hosting,** appreciating my commitment to ensuring their websites remain robust and efficient. Additionally, my work extends to **collaborating with agencies** on **B2B projects** and implementing white-hat SEO strategies to improve online visibility and integrity.

A significant part of my work involves **custom development and API integration**, enabling businesses to **automate processes**, enhance functionality, and seamlessly connect with third-party services. I also have a strong track record in **e-commerce**, working with platforms like **WooCommerce, Hikashop & Shopify** to design, optimize, and manage online stores, ensuring they deliver excellent user experiences and drive sales.

In essence, my clients rely on me for a diverse array of services — from backend technical support to front-end design, strategic optimization, and beyond. My aim is to provide tailored, efficient solutions that support their growth and online presence.

## My Career

Throughout my 12+ years of experience in commercial web agencies, I've had the privilege of leading teams as a Team Lead and excelling as a Senior Level Full Stack Developer. This journey has equipped me with a deep understanding of both the technical and strategic aspects of web development and digital marketing.

My career has allowed me to work with a diverse array of clients, from global giants like **Accor** and **Harcourts** to esteemed international businesses. I've also had the opportunity to contribute to local success stories, working with **Universal Homes**, the **SPCA**, and the **New Zealand Companion Animals Register**. These experiences have not only broadened my skill set but have also enabled me to adapt to the unique needs of both large corporations and smaller, community-focused entities.

This blend of leadership, technical prowess, and a diverse client portfolio underscores my ability to manage complex projects and deliver results that exceed expectations. Whether working on large-scale international projects or tailored local solutions, my background ensures a comprehensive understanding of the digital landscape and the ability to navigate it effectively for my clients.

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