Webflow Design and Development for Bright As

Webflow Design and Development for Bright As is a project by FionaNettmann

Published on
September 20, 2023

As the brand designer and website developer for Bright As, a forward-thinking sustainable energy solutions provider based in Auckland, I helped bring to life the company's identity and digital presence prior to their launch.

For their branding, I created a comprehensive brand strategy that encompassed everything from the logo and submark to the color palette and overall brand direction. To encapsulate Bright As' optimistic approach to Kiwi energy, we chose a vibrant and bold shade of yellow, balanced harmoniously with a sleek and modern charcoal tone, mirroring the startup's modern ethos. The logo itself combines a 'b' with a sunshine shape, symbolising the company's core mission of promoting solar power solutions.

In addition to branding, my responsibilities extended to web development. Leveraging the industry-leading platform, Webflow, I designed fully customised desktop and mobile designs that not only showcased the company's products and services but also provided an engaging user experience. The website featured bespoke animations and interactions, driving customer sign-ups and solidifying Bright As' position as a cutting-edge player in the New Zealand sustainable energy sector.

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