Stadium Event Marketing

Stadium Event Marketing is a project by RobbieLawton

Through coordinated planning with event promoters, artists and tickets agents we have orchestrated a series of pre-sale, launch day and ongoing marketing campaigns to increase ticket sales and create a buzz around upcoming live events across New Zealand.


With brand awareness campaigns we've been able to spread announcements far and wide with affordable ad prices. We've also re-marketed to these growing audiences to maximise sales, increase organic community engagement (comments and tags), and have driven thousands to sign up to Facebook events.


- Generated over $1 million in annual ticket sales revenue
- Sold out events with over 20,000 ticket sales
- Generated over 100,000 Facebook Event interactions
- Increased brand awareness on release day
- Produced multi-platform ad campaigns
- Set up effective re-targeting ads to reduce abandoned cart rate by 58%
- Designed digital and print media (posters and billboards) to promote events

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Published on
May 25, 2023