Flight Coffee - Digital Marketing

Flight Coffee - Digital Marketing is a project by RobbieLawton

Published on
May 25, 2023

Bringing us on to scale their online store revenue, we've been able to create and optimise digital marketing campaigns to drive Shopify sales and brand awareness for Flight Coffee. During a time when cafes could no longer operate (COVID lockdown) we diverted their customers to get their regular coffee fix online. Then we kept doing it, because it worked so well.


Through curating existing branded assets and advising on further content creation, we put together the right offer and campaigns to attract both new and existing customers onto Flight Coffee's online store. As coffee is a lower price-point item, we had to track and optimise each campaign to not only hit revenue targets, but stay at an affordable cost-per-purchase to maximise profitability.


- Increased monthly online revenue by 130%
- Monthly ROAS of 15.72x on key e-commerce conversion campaigns
- Drawing audience data from various in-house databases and creating bespoke interest-based audiences we leveraged customer data to scale with lookalike audiences
- Increased website traffic by 1400%
- Ad campaigns comprise 35% of all website purchases

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