Ōkupu | Te Reo Māori Translation Service

Ōkupu | Te Reo Māori Translation Service is a project by RikusWiehahn

Published on
August 25, 2023

Project Overview:

Ōkupu emerged as New Zealand's pioneering online marketplace dedicated to Māori language translation services. The platform allows customers to post translation requests, which professional translators can then claim and get compensated for upon completion.

Platform Development:

To ensure maximum accessibility, the primary application was developed for the web. Additionally, native iOS and Android applications were created to cater to power users and translators, enhancing their user experience.

Key Features:

The project was marked by several notable features that were particularly fulfilling to develop:

  1. Ordering, Payments, and Job Completion System: We developed a streamlined process for placing orders, making payments, and tracking job completion.

  2. Auto Payouts: A system was implemented to automatically transfer payments to the translators' bank accounts upon job completion.

  3. Audio Recordings and Playback: This feature allows for audio translations, enhancing the service's versatility.

  4. Automated Dynamic Pricing: We introduced a dynamic pricing model that adjusts automatically based on various factors.

  5. White-label System: The platform was designed with the capability to be white-labeled, enabling its adaptation and use for other languages.

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