No Ordinary

No Ordinary is a project by LucyKirkwood

Published on
October 30, 2023

Meet No Ordinary Oat Milk, a disruptive creation by Plant Projects that has taken the shelves and cafes of New Zealand, Australia, and Singapore by storm. This extraordinary product encourages consumers to make a switch from their daily dairy milk to this delicious, specially crafted plant-based option, tailored to elevate the coffee experience. In a market overflowing with vibrant and bold packaging designs, our strategy was to stand out by embracing minimalism and a monochromatic aesthetic. This direction not only sets the product apart but also allows us to highlight the brand's genuine and straightforward tone of voice.

But we didn't stop there. Our journey with No Ordinary Oat Milk is just the beginning. The next exciting addition to their product lineup is No Ordinary Ice Tea, a deliciously refreshing, low-sugar alternative that's set to challenge the competition. For both of these innovative offerings, we've been at the helm, crafting the brand identity, designing the packaging, and lending our creative expertise to a diverse array of marketing collateral.

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