Project Thumbail for Host - Lucy Kirkwood

With a commitment to service and innovation as their guiding principles, Host is poised to become New Zealand's premier digital ordering and payment platform for the hospitality industry. The brand name itself cleverly underscores its mission to entertain and cater to the needs of customers, ensuring they enjoy the finest experiences. It also embraces the idea of communal social rituals when frequenting your favorite local spot, where you're greeted warmly by the staff.

To mirror the approachable and reliable character of the business, our focus centered on a clean, minimalist aesthetic, a contemporary use of colors, and illustrations inspired by the playful essence of human connections. We aimed to strike a balance between 'food app' and 'tech company,' blending elements of fun and corporate professionalism, all while remaining approachable and polished. Host is characterized by its authenticity, innovation, and goodwill – yet it's also a highly successful enterprise, led by experts who know precisely what they're doing. Our branding beautifully showcases these two distinct yet harmonious facets of the company.

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Published on
May 11, 2024

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