Moral Fibre

Moral Fibre is a project by MeganWood

Moral Fibre - Megan Wood

Moral Fibre is a sustainable fashion business, specialising in vintage and pre-loved designer clothing. They sell clothing on consignment in both a brick and mortar retail store, based in Auckland, and online.
While shopping in their store I met co-owners Lissette and Jane and started chatting to them about the challenges they were having and how they thought social media could be the best way to drvie sales, but they were unsure how to go about it. I mentioned my background in digital content and bounced some ideas off them, by the time I left the store they had engaged me, on an ongoing basis, to manage their social channels.
After analysing the demographic and engagement data across their channels I began posting a range of content, including posts, reels and stories, paying close attention to what was getting the most traction. In addition I recommended that we started using a diverse range of models to showcase clothing. Posts showing older women, and women of all shapes and sizes resonated very strongly with the audience.
During the first month working on Moral Fibre's social accounts I increased reach across Facebook by a staggering 1,100% and Instagram by 200%, compared to the previous 28 days. I also increased visitors to their online store by 377% in that same period.

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Published on
May 25, 2023