Kāinga Ora - Strategy and Communications

Kāinga Ora - Strategy and Communications is a project by NatalieCrowe

Published on
November 1, 2023


Kāinga Ora is a Crown Agency, tasked with providing tenancy services to nearly 200,000 customers and their families, and owning and maintaining nearly 69,000 public houses across the country. It is an organisation focused on prioritising the wellbeing of those living in their homes, and to providing their tenants with good quality, warm, dry and healthy homes.

Formerly Housing New Zealand, Kāinga Ora is a large public sector organisation with 4000 employees and offices in every corner of the country. In an organisation such as this - internal communications, strategy, well crafted copy and strong communications management is paramount to managing engaged and well informed employees, effective management of media attention, the development of a healthy and thriving internal culture, productivity and high performance in the workforce and effective and transparent leadership.

Key Skills:

  • Strategic Consultancy

  • Project Management

  • Communications Strategy

  • Crisis Management

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Internal Communications

  • Culture and Values Management

  • Copywriting/ Strategic Writing

  • Brand and Reputation Management

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