Ozone Coffee Roasters - Journal Publication, copywriting and Content Strategy

Ozone Coffee Roasters - Journal Publication, copywriting and Content Strategy is a project by NatalieCrowe

Published on
October 31, 2023


The Ozone Coffee Roasters are a brand and business who understand the importance of storytelling. They have a global presence with their coffee and brand being well known both in New Zealand and Europe, and their Journal is a sought after brand publication celebrating coffee, people, business and everything in between, and demonstrating their world class lifestyle brand.


As the Editor, Copywriter and Project Manager for the Ozone Coffee Roaster Journal, I was tasked with uncovering the stories from the global community, collaborating internally and externally, copywriting all of the content, overseeing the London-based design team, managing the illustration and photography and ensuring the brand representation, tone, print and delivery of the Journal from inception to completion was polished and seamless.


The beauty of this publication was not only in its delivery as a stunning coffee table book for retail sale online and in the Ozone Coffee eateries, but from a marketing strategy perspective - it was used as a sales tool to drive new leads, a branded gift for existing clients, formed the basis for the online blog content that was adapted for SEO and formed social media strategy for the next twelve months, and told the story of Ozone as a lifestyle brand effortlessly.

Return on investment:

The Ozone Coffee Roasters Journal is a world class example of a lifestyle brand demonstrating its values and culture in action through storytelling. It has global reach, was integral in the development and delivery of compelling, intentional and purposeful online and social media content, can be found on tables of competitor and client cafes across the network, was sought after within the coffee industry both in NZ and in London, and raised the profile of many community members, designers, artists, internal initiatives, collaborations and business offerings with ease.

Brand extension:

As part of the Journal marketing campaign, the cover design was developed into a livery for the fleet of Ozone Coffee Roasters car fleet of Audi A1 cars.

All copy that was in print was reviewed and optimised for SEO, then published on the digital journal section of both UK and NZ websites.

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