Internal Communications Launch

Internal Communications Launch is a project by DeniseMoller

I managed all of the internal communications on a project to launch a new learning and development project to over 800 staff in a large corporate Kiwi organisation.

The launch was in the midst of Omicron so everything had to be done digitally via channels such as email, an intranet and online events in Teams. It therefore required great teamwork, on point messaging and some creative ways to engage staff in the project.

I had to hit the ground running fast as the project was already underway, form strong working relationships with senior leaders and get on top of key business objectives and strategies very quickly. I also had to get a gauge on the culture and tone of voice whilst not having sat in the office or met anyone face-to-face - as we were all working from home. It was a great challenge and one I enjoyed immensely.

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Published on
May 25, 2023