How we created a brand and website design for an Auckland-based startup

An Auckland gamer identified a gap in the market for bespoke, ethically sourced computer cases in New Zealand. After creating his own 'mini' case, he decided to share it with fellow Kiwis. Enlisting my help, we shaped his brand through logo and website design, turning a personal project into a captivating gaming sensation for New Zealanders.

Logo Design Process

Mu Design excels in delivering top-notch, ethically sourced computer cases, meticulously engineered for optimal size, airflow, and aesthetic appeal. Their philosophy revolves around concealing cutting-edge technology behind a brand that's simple, fun, and captivating. Crafting a logo that mirrors this ethos, we aimed for simplicity and memorability, envisioning it seamlessly etched into the wood and glass of the finished products.

In collaboration with our client, we meticulously crafted the vision for the brand. Drawing inspiration from the Greek letter μ, symbolising "micro," we aimed for a logo that effortlessly conveyed the essence of its meaning. Through discussions and exploration of various concepts, we narrowed down the options to the final logo you see today – a seamless balance of readability and symbolic representation.

Mobile Responsive Website Design

In an era of heightened digital mobility, a website's performance across diverse devices is paramount. Deliberately, we tailored the Mu Design brand and website to adapt gracefully between desktop and mobile interfaces. Our focus was on optimizing the user journey, considering screen space and the varied ways users engage with different devices, ensuring a seamless experience across the digital landscape.

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Published on
February 12, 2024