Cake Brand Identity Design

Cake Brand Identity Design is a project by AlexCarter

Client Brief

My client, Rosie, the owner of a unique hair salon named Cake, desired a distinctive brand identity that would set her business apart in the market. Despite the salon's name having no direct correlation to hair, Rosie wanted a design that would be as unconventional as the name itself.

The Challenge

The task at hand was to create an original, strategy-backed brand identity that would cut through the market noise. Rosie's vision was to completely differentiate Cake's name, look, feel, and experience from the conventional salon. She also wanted the brand to reflect her personal interests in fashion, music, and lifestyle. In essence, Cake was poised to break the mould and disrupt the industry norms of a 'regular hair salon'.

The Solution

We developed a bold brand identity that pushed boundaries and exceeded expectations. This unique identity helped Cake stand out in the market, creating an experience that was truly one-of-a-kind. The brand identity was further reinforced through signage, mirror stickers, package design, and GIF/animation additions, all of which boosted brand awareness and solidified Cake's position in the market.

The Results

The innovative branding, coupled with Rosie’s exceptional skills and dedication, led to Cake breaking through the marketing noise. The salon saw an increase in its social media presence, was booked out months in advance, and became a go-to source for hair inspiration, tips, lifestyle content, and even business ideas for other hairdressers and salons.

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Published on
August 25, 2023