Dock E30 - Studio quality compact speaker

Dock E30 - Studio quality compact speaker is a project by BarnabyWard

Published on
October 30, 2023

The DOCK E30 marks a fundamental transition in Orbitsound’s focus and aesthetic. Orbitsound has been known as a British maker of soundbars showcasing proprietary Airsound technology, the DOCK E30 ushers in a new and more visually appealing style whilst maintaining absolute commitment to audio excellence.

My Role as the Industrial Designer / Creative Director and the intention of creating the DOCK E30 was to move the company’s audio technology into the design world, to create something that fits into people’s lives effortlessly and above all, delivering great sound.

The thought process started 3 years ago, by looking at the trends in media consumption. People were rapidly adopting mobile devices as the norm for consuming audio and video content. Whilst headphones took off commercially, we felt there was a need to develop a super high quality shared audio experience that did not require any compromise in living aesthetic.

The ‘groove’ is a clear yet simple statement of intent that the DOCK is the home for your most used devices and ways of online life. The visual design and form factor is purposefully minimal and understated, to pleasingly coexist in any space.

Every component has been custom designed from the ground up meet exact acoustic and aesthetic specification. The DOCK E30 is acoustically and sustainably engineered, featuring renewable wood in its construction for sonic and environmental reasons.

Founded in audio, certain elements of the design reference the classic days of HiFi. The User interface is minimal, yet the features are not. The DOCK is designed to be unobtrusive and easy to use.

The Orbitsound DOCK E30 challenges the notion that high definition stereo audio means ugly boxes, and a compromised living space.

Functionality was key to making the DOCK useful every day, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as optical and AUX inputs offer a myriad of ways to enjoy diverse content. The product semantics showcase wireless charging for the latest generation of phone handsets. On the front, forward-thinking USB-C is offered to power or charge emerging and future devices.

In order to implicate the Dock into mass production, I managed a team of engineers in China from engineering validation all the way through to mass production. Developing the DOCK in China has allowed me to gain vast amount knowledge on different manufacturing techniques whilst also allowing me to better understand the product development process in the east.

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