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Meagan France
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Allpress is an established New Zealand specialty espresso brand with a large network of cafes and retail partners throughout the globe. I was introduced to Allpress’s Head of Global Brand via Portfolio Recruitment and engaged directly to write an extensive 30 page plus Brand Manual. Allpress needed Brand Guidelines for international internal distribution. The writing had to engage and speak directly to a varied audience of Allpress employees including: baristas, kitchen staff, coffee roasters and managers. 


I started out by identifying and setting the tone. The manual needed to be confident and instructional, while remaining aligned with Allpress’s distinctive vision, values and brand culture.  Over the course of the project, I refined and rejuvenated the Allpress brand story, created sections on vision, values and culture, overviewed the Allpress coffee range, wrote chapters on merchandise, food, customer experience, language, communication and marketing. 


The overall outcome was tight and coherent with a clear, easy to follow narrative progression. The finished Allpress Brand Guidelines Manual received great feedback from managers and Allpress shareholders. 

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