Gavin Botica is a freelance WordPress / WooCommerce Expert from Auckland

Hi there, I am an Auckland based web developer with 15+ years experience, specialising in WordPress / WooCommerce.

I have worked with WordPress for more than 12 years and with WooCommerce since it's inception!

I'm particularly focussed on working with WooCommerce and it's many extensions, as well as Advanced Custom Fields, Gravity Forms, WordPress REST API and Amazon Web Services.

Skills / experience include:

  1. WordPress Development: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript
  2. Remote services integration and APIs
  3. Troubleshooting / debugging
  4. Performance analysis, optimisation & scaling
  5. Security analysis, hardening and disaster recovery
  6. Database maintenance and optimisation
  7. DevOps, deployments and migrations

Technical stuff I know:

• PHP / MySQL / HTML / CSS / Javascript
• Linux system administration
• CloudFlare
• Amazon Web Services
• Automation & scripting
• Ansible
• Git
• Web server management
• APIs
• Backup management
• Monitoring systems


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