Gareth Evans is a .Net Developer from Auckland

I have been doing .net development for over 10 years, and development for more than 15. On the web, I started with classic ASP and access databases and I now work with MVC, Blazor, AngularJS, SQL Server and .net core (or framework w/ MVC). .net C# is my primary language but I can also write JS and adapt to whatever is required.
I love building web applications and integrating with Stripe and Xero, booking, management and subscription systems. I can work in house or remote (depending on the project size & requirements but remote is probably better if it is larger)
My team (if you would like to work with a team) includes an additional intermediate .net developer and a front end developer, however I'm happy to engage as a standalone resource.
I am very experienced across many areas of development and can architect and do BA work to form the scope of work as well.
I am also experienced with electronics and arduino/nodemcu development, and have worked on sensor and IOT projects (usually integrating .net on the server side)


Please Note - I am currently at max capacity, so please allow 3 - 5 days for an email response.

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