Chris Boyd is a freelance Creative Director from Auckland

Hi there! I'm Chris Boyd, your go-to advertising creative with a rich background of over 16 years in crafting compelling campaigns. My journey has taken me from the bustling streets of London and Sydney to the scenic landscapes of Auckland, where I've honed my skills across a broad spectrum of media. Whether it's TV, online video, display advertising, print, or social media, I've got you covered.

What I Bring to the Table:

  • Expertise in Creative Strategy Development: I excel in laying down the strategic foundation that guides every successful campaign.
  • Creative Concepts and Production: From the initial spark of an idea to the final touches of production, I ensure every campaign resonates with its audience.
  • A Diverse Skill Set: My toolkit is filled with the necessary skills to bring any advertising vision to life, tailored to the unique needs of your project.

Who I Work Best With:
I find my stride working with a wide range of clients, from FMCG and consumer goods companies to B2B clients. If you're looking for someone who understands the nuances of your market and can deliver creative solutions that stand out, I'm your freelancer.

Why Choose Me?
Choosing me means opting for a seamless blend of creativity and strategy, all aimed at achieving your business goals. My extensive experience across global markets equips me with the insights and flexibility to adapt to any challenge, ensuring your campaigns not only reach but also engage your target audience effectively.

Let's turn your advertising visions into reality. Reach out, and let's create something memorable together.

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