Huia Publishers


February 7, 2020

About this project

I had the honour of working with Huia Publishers and Steph Matuku to illustrate this wonderful children's story.
- Winner of Storylines Notable Book Junior Fiction 2019 Award.
- New Zealand Book Awards for children and Young Adults 2019 Finalist.

‘Kat was really accomodating with our content and open to experiment throughout the process. She was able to generate endearing characters that readers could connect with and see themselves in. Kat brought together pattern and illustration to build a really unique and diverse set of illustrations to perfectly compliment the narrative—with quirky details that can be
discovered on the 3rd and 4th viewings. Taking on feedback was a breeze and there turnaround of quite difficult compositions was completed quickly and never an issue. I look forward to working
with her in future projects.’

- Te Kani Price, Lead Designer at Huia Publishing.


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