Web Copy and Blogging for Waiheke.co.nz

Web Copy and Blogging for Waiheke.co.nz is a project by Laura Charman

Published on
August 25, 2023

Gearing up for a 2023 release, I crafted the website copy for Waiheke.co.nz. I also wrote over 20 blogs to appear on the website as well. This involved:
• Being briefed on the target audience and tone to write in
• Researching the history, food, wine, beaches, and attractions, etc of Waiheke
• Writing user-friendly website copy to cater to the journey of the website
• Researching and interweaving clear and concise SEO keywords to integrate
throughout the blogs
• Adapting, proofreading, and editing from notes to fit the brief and tone of the
• Presenting the work and finalizing changes

Waiheke.co.nz will be relaunching for the summer season.

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