The Brook Waimārama Sanctuary

Project Thumbail for The Brook Waimārama Sanctuary  - Olivia Gallagher
Project Overview

This project involved creating signage to promote and increase public knowledge about key historical sites within a tourism operation. The primary objective was to present historical facts in an engaging and interesting way, thereby enhancing the client's storytelling.

Process and Methodology

The project was executed in three major stages: Research, Writing, and Production.

Research Phase

During the research phase, historical resources were thoroughly analyzed and interviews were conducted with relevant historians. A rigorous fact-checking process was implemented to select the most pertinent and intriguing information.

Writing Phase

The writing phase proved to be the most challenging, as it required transforming large volumes of technical data into captivating and concise narratives about each historical site.

Production Phase

In the final production phase, I oversaw the creation of the signs and determined the optimal way to present the historical information. Working in collaboration with graphic designers and illustrators, we visually brought the history of the waterworks structures to life. I also coordinated with the client to establish the best locations for the signage, integrating user experience principles throughout the project.

Project Outcome

This project provided an excellent opportunity to utilize a range of my skills, leading the project from inception to completion. The signs have been installed and now serve as a self-guided heritage tour walkway.
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Published on
May 11, 2024