Paul's Fishing Systems Logo & Branding

Paul's Fishing Systems Logo & Branding is a project by DawnLodge-Osborn

Paul’s Fishing Systems are world leaders in shore based fishing. Starting out as a hobby shop over 25 years ago, Paul’s Fishing Systems import and manufacture an extensive range of unique products that establish it as a leader in the fishing industry. Their branding needed to reflect the quality of their products and services so a logo was commissioned along with new brochures and other collateral to portray a cohesive visual image in all aspects of the shop from product header cards through to signage.


the logo was create from two of Paul Barnes (The Paul of Paul’s Fishing Systems) most successful inventions which captured the essence of business.

Kite Fishing - Long before drones and torpedo fishing Paul looked to the sky and perfected fishing kites, capable of taking a set of baited hooks on a line far out to sea. This was a revolution for land based fishers at the time. The logo represents his famous red fishing kites.

Target Snapper Hooks - Scientifically proven by Paul to improve snapper catch and reduce the number of undersized snapper caught. These hooks have become extremely popular and undoubtedly saved many thousands of undersized fish.


The logo and collateral has stood the test of time. As the business has grown from a hobby shop into a successful business selling internationally, the branding has helped cement its reputation within retail fishing.

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Published on
July 3, 2023